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I think it's time to bid this project farewell. Most of the people that were active have fallen off the map or playing other games. The foundation of this project will always stick with me but this has just come to be a waste of resources for me. This site will stay here until the end of the UZ Season as it uses our map repo but I will be moving everything to urtarchive.com as that's what most of this stuff is - archived material.  I am also hoping to possibly set up a North American portal for all of us North Americans - yes, even the dumbass ones.
Other than that, I'm out. Peace to all and thanks for all the shoes.

Dear China, You Are Blocked.

I have gone through and blocked most of China today. I'm sure that I missed a few netblocks here and there but for the most part, good riddance. The site was receiving an alarming number of requests and registrants from China (spambots) so I figured it was time to rid us of the problem. If someone you know is located in China and they are a living, breathing person, please let me know and I will whitelist them. Until then, good fucking riddance.

Frozen Sand Releases List of Cheaters
While we've all been sitting back wondering what new bugs FS was going to release into our game, it seems they actually were working on something more important - an anticheat. They went through the testing process of it then began tracking players "a couple" releases ago, so approximately 4 months worth of evidence.

While quite a few names in the list weren't surprising, there were a few that even caught me off-guard. They didn't release the information for every player, but they are doing so individually by email or IRC for the players wondering what they've caught. A few have confessed while a large majority are adamantly denying anything to do with cheats. This was an explanation given on #urbanterror on Quakenet regarding SkaPunk's ban (I have removed ALL non-relevant lines of chat):

17:43 <@RaideR> 3 132 204 141 121 1 0 0 0 255 1373368203 <--- thats the "AC Bit"
17:44 <@SG_r00t> 3 urth cvars
17:44 <@SG_r00t> 13 minutes of removing smoke
17:44 <@SG_r00t> 20m of wallhacking
17:45 <@SG_r00t> 2m of marking players bright red/blue
17:45 <@SG_r00t> soz 14minutes
17:45 <@SG_r00t> 12minutes of using fov-hack
17:46 <@SG_r00t> and finally removing scope
17:46 <@SG_r00t> and finally
17:46 <@SG_r00t> the best part
17:46 <@SG_r00t> 255 means it was for you last game you played

Get over it kids, you were caught. gg & gtfo, ty.

For the list in its entirety, please visit their release:

die in a Rape fire!
After about 6 months of procrastinating, I finally figured it was time to put a website back up. Hopefully it will get some more use than the old forums did.

Some people might be wondering what exactly diRf! is so let me give you the tl;dr.

I refer to diRf! as a group rather than a clan as it was never intended to be a clan. We play games together, we play in leagues together and we have fun together. The main base of the group was just the dislike of hackers. Other than that, we're just your regular gamers.

If you're wondering about the pony theme, this stemmed from wip (Work In Progress) which quite a few of us played in. Also, fuck you, who doesn't like ponies?

diRf! has a couple servers up for games like Killing Floor and Urban Terror. Soon we'll have a COD4 server as well. I'm always up for requests of gameservers as I currently am not utilizing all the resources I can so any input is welcome.

That's about all there is to us. Hope to see you around.
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