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diRf FAQ Mailbag (Issue #1)

1) Is it true that Nikki has two vaginas? Thanks.
No, that isn't true. Are you stupid? What she does have though, is a humongous asshole. Her asshole is so huge it is known to cause mudslides and structural integrity fatigue [Nikki's Asshole: http://i.imgur.co...]. More than a handful of indian sweat shop workers have succumbed to the effects of Nikki's Asshole. This extraordinary development is currently being researched by the California State University Science of Assholes division. It is also believed to be the cause of the mysterious "lost sock" phenomena.

2) Does the player commonly referred to as hasheesh use walkhacks?
More than likely. The fact is that hasheesh is so good that even if he does walkhack no one cares. Urban Terror would literally be a fucking ghost town if it wasn't for hash, so hash gets to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants [Hash IRL (7 yrs old): http://i.imgur.co...]. He played for Team USA for fucks sake. Urban Terror is such a god damn horrible game it is amazing that we haven't all committed seppuku. In other words: Did God part the red sea? Lol, no stupid, he more than likely doesn't exist. But that doesn't detract from the fact that there are stories of Jesus kicking it with hookers and getting sauced on communion wine, so its all good doggie if you get my drift.

3) Does Fonducci really have a nipple stache? Inquiring minds would like to know.
I would hope so or his god damn public profile picture is a motherfucking lie. [The Famous Stache In Question: http://www.fonduc...m/nips.jpg] Word on the stizzie is that God himself used Ducci's nipplestache to get Mary wet. Thats some serious stache. Also why are you so interested in his nipple stache, pervert? Serious rainbow flags bro.

4) Why DIRF? What does the name mean?
Why not? The name comes from the sound that was overheard coming from Glock's two dollar USB microphone abortion during what could only be described as a drunken hand-coitus session [An artist's interpretation of Glock's love session: http://i.imgur.co...] one night when he obviously forgot to mute himself on teampseak. I believe Nikki, along with Ducci's input, created the analogy of all of our frame of minds once we all stopped laughing on teamspeak long enough for a somewhat intelligent conversation to take place (no intelligent conversation took place, btw). True story brah; I was there.

5) What type of shampoo does Geordi use? I heard that shit is mad silky son.
Herbal essence. He was actually cast for one of their commercials but refused to take off his shirt during the video shoot lest every women on set instantly squirt buckets. But don't be fooled by his insecurities, that kid has got the locks. [Geordi's Yearbook Photo w/ Locks: http://i.imgur.co...]

6) Is jones really a hick?
Oh holy bible thumping christ fuck yeah. He's such a fucking red neck that he lives in a trailer park and uses a communal shithouse to take his morning dumps. Rumor is he married his second cousin and has no natrual teeth left in his mouth. He also drives a late 80s model Ford pickup [jones and his ford "clementine": http://i.imgur.co...].

7) How many DIRF members are gay?
Man, I heard DIRF was so god damn homosexual that it defies the laws of physics. [Dirf's Gayness: http://i.imgur.co...] To put it in laymen terms, picture a leprechaun fucking a dupoint paint shaker while eating skittles and shitting starburst. Fucking rainbow flags everwhere.
#1 | nikkerz on June 09 2013 06:29:50
What are walkhacks and where do I get some??
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